Learner Qualities

Self-Directed Learner

Actively engages in learning activities, participates in classroom discussions, manages time effectively in all settings.

Quality Producer

Puts forth a high degree of effort, strives to produce quality work.

Collaborative Worker

Works cooperatively with others, demonstrates on-task behavior during group work.

Respectful and Responsible Citizen

Shows respect for the school community, contributes positively to the class and school, conducts self within the established norms of behavior, accepts responsibility for own actions.



Meeting (M)

  • Consistently demonstrates understanding of the Learner Quality.
  • Meeting grade-level expectations independently or with occasional support.

Progressing (P)

  • Demonstrates understanding of the Learner Quality.
  • Progressing toward meeting grade-level expectations with frequent support.

Developing (Dev)

  • Developing understanding of the Learner Quality.
  • Consistently requiring support to meet grade-level expectations.


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