Superintendent Student Advisory Council meets to discuss variety of topics

October 24, 2023

Topic: Updates

As the first trimester of middle school wound down, approximately 40 students were treated to a pizza lunch at CCSD21’s Administrative Building in exchange for their opinions on a variety of student-related topics. The Superintendent’s Student Advisory Council plays a vital role in fostering a sense of empowerment, responsibility and engagement among students. It also provides a platform for students to express their opinions, concerns and ideas, helping to create a more inclusive and student-centered educational environment. Students learn valuable leadership and communication skills and gain a deeper understanding of the decision-making process within their school community. 

“Middle school students typically face unique challenges and by providing a dedicated forum for their input allows teachers and administration to address specific issues that may not be immediately apparent. The collaboration also helps shape school policies, programs and initiatives in a way that is more aligned with the actual needs and preferences of the students,” said Dr. Michael Connolly, Superintendent of CCSD21. 

The council answered questions about the new language arts classroom furniture, changes to the middle school schedule and social/emotional topics. 

“This council empowers students to take an active role in shaping their educational environment, which not only benefits their own experience but also promotes a culture of participation, respect and shared responsibility within the school community,” Dr. Connolly added.