CCSD21 Cook County Tax Calculator

Calculations are based on a $69 million bond issue should voters approve the measure on Nov. 6 and are up to date as of September 2018 bond schedules. Please remember to indicate the exemptions you are eligible to claim as those will likely reduce your overall increase.
What was the property value indicated on your 2017 tax bill (paid Summer and Fall 2018)?
See tax bill line 2 for amount
Are you eligible for a Homestead Exemption?
Are you eligible for an additional Disabled Person's Exemption?
Are you eligible for an additional Returning Veterans' Homestead Exemption?
Are you eligible for an additional Senior Citizen Exemption?

Estimated 2016 Property Value: $ -
Total Assessed Value (10%) $ -
Estimated Multiplier x 2.9627
Homestead Exemption $ -
Returning Veterans' Homestead Exemption $ -
Disabled Person's Exemption $ -
Senior Citizen Exemption $ -

Net Equalized Assessed Value $ -
Projected Tax Rate Increase Net Equalized Assessed Value Estimated Annual Tax Increase
0.0986% - -
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Note: The calculator is intended to estimate the increase in the bond portion of the District 21 tax bill only. Does not include property taxes paid to other governments (e.g. city, park district, county, forest preserve, etc.). Actual tax rates and payments may vary based on District 21-wide EAV growth, individual homeowner reassessment, State Law changes, Cook County equalization factor, property tax rate initiatives, and other factors.