A well-informed community drives volunteerism, engagement and community action. The CCSD21 Communications Department strives to keep our school community informed of Board of Education actions, and district and school events and news. 

The department provides consistent, high quality and relevant information to benefit staff, students, families and the community through a variety of vehicles. 


Each month, the department publishes two (2) newsletters: one for staff members and one for families and the community. Each average between 4-8 pages and cover departmental updates as well as school news, board minutes, and a variety of other items, including profile pieces on staff (MY WHY), students (Rising Stars) and alumni. The circulation for the staff newsletter is approximately 900 and the circulation for the family/community newsletter is approximately 9,000. 


ParentSquare is School District 21’s communication tool to keep parents informed and facilitate participation at school. It provides a safe way for the district, principal, teachers, staff, and parents to:

  • Send and receive school and class information
  • Share pictures and files
  • See calendar events
  • Sign up to volunteer
  • and much more… all in one centralized place!

For more information, and to create an account, visit


Redesigned in 2023, the CCSD21 website was streamlined to provide easier navigation and utility for users. The Communications Department continues – on an ongoing basis – to update and expand the site. If you see a broken link or video that’s not playing, please fill out this form

Social media

CCSD21 manages social media accounts for the district and each building to provide parents and the community with a glimpse into life in School District 21. The CCSD21 account is used to share news, events, or updates from the district or building level. Examples could include school closings, news articles about a school or the district, photos, or Board of Education information. School accounts are used to share news, events and updates that pertain to that specific building. Examples could include building-specific dates and celebrations or photos from the school day.

To follow or like any of the accounts, visit 

Flyers and other collateral material

The Communications Department also creates flyers and other collateral material for individual schools, when requested. 


In promoting our district, the department strives to ensure our communication pieces are always within brand, keeping logos and the look and feel consistent throughout.