Information Services

Information Literacy and the use of technological tools are critical in the 21st Century.

1:1 Chromebook Program

From providing for organizational efficiency, to creating opportunities for teachers to better understand student performance, to its central role in helping students learn in a “real” and engaging environment, technology is necessary for success in all aspects of School District 21.

In School District 21, we believe that our students must engage with technology, generally, as a means to greater and deeper learning of reading, mathematics, and writing as well as of the knowledge and skills required across the traditional academic disciplines. At the same time, we understand that the pace of technological change requires that students and staff members remain technology learners since the rapid development of new products requires such flexibility.

Because School District 21 is committed to providing robust access to technology for all students, we have continued to increase our 1:1 program. All schools are 1:1 with Chromebooks, which are taken home every day. All grade levels utilize the HP x360 Chromebook.


January 2024 Updates


We’re always working to make CCSD21 technology as straightforward and dependable as possible, so our staff can dedicate more time and energy to students and learning. At the same time, we strive to improve our cybersecurity strength, protecting the privacy of the sensitive student and parent data we’re entrusted with. It’s a constant focus to protect students, parents, the community, and the district against the ever evolving cyber threat landscape.

With this being said, a third party consultant is performing a full cybersecurity audit for us this winter, and we’re even collaborating with the Department of Homeland Security! We will be using these findings to improve our cybersecurity footprint even more. We are always looking to improve and stay ahead of the game to protect our resources and data.

Through previous audit findings and our continuous improvement projects, we’ve made major changes over the years to how people connect to our services, from both school and home. Easier for all of us to use, but much harder for hackers. These changes aren’t always glamorous or worth mentioning. In fact…it’s often a goal that nobody notices!