Parent/Student Handbooks

School District 21 schools are learning communities in which all students, families, and staff members are valued. As in all communities, we need to establish guidelines and policies to protect everyone’s rights. The guidelines and policies in the Parent/Student Handbook are designed to protect these basic rights.

As federal or state law, or Board of Education policies change, updates will be made to each handbook. Please plan to regularly review the handbook and ensure your student understands school expectations.

Parent/Student Handbooks for each CCSD21 school are linked below.

Cooper Middle SchoolEnglishSpanishRussian
Holmes Middle SchoolEnglishSpanish-
London Middle SchoolEnglishSpanish-
Field Elementary SchoolEnglishSpanish-
Frost Elementary SchoolEnglishSpanish-
Kilmer Elementary SchoolEnglishSpanishRussian
Longfellow Elementary SchoolEnglishSpanish-
Poe Elementary SchoolEnglishSpanishRussian
Riley Elementary SchoolEnglishSpanish-
Tarkington Elementary SchoolEnglishSpanish-
Twain Elementary SchoolEnglishSpanish-
Whitman Elementary SchoolEnglishSpanish-
Hawthorne Early Childhood SchoolEnglishSpanish-

Integrated Pest Management Notification

All Illinois schools are required to develop a pest process called Integrated Pest Management. Staff, students and parents who request notification will receive notice prior to certain types of pest control applications. The below form is used to request such notification. The request letter is available below and is also included as the last page of each handbook.