Facility Rental

School District 21 facilities are available to outside groups for rental. Various rules and procedures apply to organizations that wish to rent CCSD21 facilities. Facility rental resources include: 

To reserve CCSD21 facilities, visit the CommunityUse website and click ““Login to Request Facility Use” in the upper-right corner. Returning users can log in and follow instructions linked above to reserve space.

Organizations that have not previously rented CCSD21 facilities will need to register for a “Community Use” account.  

  1. Visit the CommunityUse website.
  2. Click “Login to Request Facility Use” in the upper-right corner. Follow the link for users without an account to “Create One”.
  3. Organizations will be asked to read and agree to Community Consolidated School District 21 Facility Rental Rules and Procedures. This information is also linked above.
  4. Following agreement to Facility Rental Rules and Procedures, users complete a Personal Profile Form. On the “Request Organization” page, users can request to be an OEC (Organization Event Coordinator) for one or more organizations. Simply fill in the required fields and click “Add Organization”. Repeat for as many organizations are needed before clicking “Save and Next”. On the final page, confirm the information and click “Submit Requests”.
  5. An email will be automatically generated to District 21’s FSDirect Administrator who will review the request. The applicant will receive an email indicating if the registration is accepted or declined. If the registration is accepted, users can return to the CommunityUse Login Page and login to begin requesting facility usage. Rentals must be requested two weeks ahead of the requested rental date.

Questions can be directed to CCSD21 Operations at 847-520-2806. Payments for community facility use can be processed online.