A well-informed community drives volunteerism, engagement and community action. The CCSD21 Communications Department strives to keep our school community informed of Board of Education actions, and district and school events and news.

The department provides consistent, high quality and relevant information to benefit staff, students, families and the community through a variety of vehicles.


Each month, the Communications Department publishes a community/family newsletter. Each publication averages between 4-8 pages and covers departmental updates as well as school news, board minutes, and a variety of other items, including profile pieces on staff (MY WHY), students (Rising Stars) and alumni biographies. The circulation for the family/community newsletter is approximately 9,000.


2022-2023 School Year – to come

2021-2022 School Year – to come

2020-2021 School Year – to come

For newsletters prior to December 2020, click here.