CCSD21 promotes three to student services coordinators

April 19, 2024

Topic: Updates

From left: Melissa Mariconda, Alanna Lambert and Jennifer Foraker will move into student services coordinator roles beginning with the 2024-2025 academic year.


The Community Consolidated School District 21 Board of Education on April 18 voted unanimously to name Alanna Lambert, Melissa Mariconda and Jennifer Foraker as student services coordinators for the 2024-2025 academic year.

All three come from within the district: Lambert and Foraker are both currently special education instructional specialists, while Mariconda serves as assistant principal at Riley Elementary School.

In recommending Lambert, district administrators said she “is able to support staff in trauma-informed practices, parents in the continuum of placement conversations, and administrators in the special education process.”

“I am incredibly honored to transition into this new role,” Lambert added. “As an alumna of CCSD21 and with 20 years of experience teaching and coaching within the district, I am fully prepared to embrace this new leadership position, dedicated to supporting students, teachers and families across the district.”

Kim Cline, assistant superintendent for student services and school safety, said said staff know they can reach out to Mariconda “as a thought partner and someone that will find an answer.”

In recommending Foraker, district administrators said “she has a positivity and confidence that made her stand out from the rest.”

“She has accepted every challenge that I have thrown at her, whether she knew she needed it or wanted it at the time, and she has just really stood out in terms of her ability to adapt, to help us grow our department, and the work she has done as an instructional specialist within the district,” Cline said. “I know that as she’s moving into this role, she’ll just continue to do amazing things.”

“I appreciate the opportunity to work alongside an amazing team and play a part in shaping a bright future for our schools,” Foraker added.