Parent Resources

As the first teachers of each School District 21 students, parents are critical to the cognitive and social and emotional growth of their children throughout their lives. Parents and teachers collaborate to ensure that each child has advocates and is challenged and supported through her or his education.

In addition to working with teachers individually, there are also a number of formal ways for parents and families to be involved in School District 21.


Parent / Family Support Site

Parents have been invaluable partners navigating the unique circumstances of the 2020-2021 school year. The Parent / Family Support Site (Español) offers resources to support students during the year: instructional and health/safety expectations, technology tutorials and troubleshooting, and more.

Parenting Resource Guide

Community organizations and subject matter experts partner together to offer information that is timely and relevant to changes in laws, shifts in culture, and topics of interest. The CCSD21 Parenting Resource Guide offers links to information parents may consider accessing to support their children.

McKinney-Vento Program: Families in Temporary Living Situations

For more information on the McKinney-Vento Program, please click here.

Regional resources to support families are listed here.

Health Services

CCSD21 health staff work in conjunction with school staff and families to promote optimal health and safety, thereby facilitating the educational process for all students. Our goal is to offer a safe and healthy learning environment for all students. More information about student illness or injury, health exam requirements, and forms pertaining to specific medical concerns can be found here.

Parent-Teacher Organizations/Parent Teacher Association

Each District 21 elementary and middle school has a Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO). Participation in these organizations, as well as their regular meetings, is open to all parents. PTOs raise money to provide for schools’ additional needs, and PTOs create student and family events within the school community.

Parent Advisory Council/Principal's Advisory Council

Each school has a Parent Advisory Council (also called Principal’s Advisory Council). These groups, which feature a different make-up from school-to-school provide the school administration with an opportunity to provide information to parents on topics that they request as well as to gain information from parents on a range of issues.

Title I Family Learning Opportunities

Through the Title I program, learning opportunities are are provided to parents as well as to families. These opportunities range from formal classes for parents to family field trips to cultural institutions in and around the region.

Family Learning Program