CCSD21 to install more security cameras in high-traffic areas

May 27, 2023

Topic: Updates

When students and staff return to CCSD21 in the fall, they will likely notice an increased presence of security cameras throughout each of the district’s 13 schools. 

As part of the next phase of school safety that was made possible by referendum dollars, the district is installing these devices in higher-traffic areas outside of the classrooms, including near playgrounds, in stairwells and outside bathrooms, as a means of giving the district increased visibility in these spots.

“During an unstructured time of the school day, such as passing periods or recess, this is where students are making choices that might get them into trouble, and we just truly want to have a way of trying to understand and right the behavior that interferes with learning,” said Kim Cline, assistant superintendent for support services and school safety. 

These cameras will be installed over the summer, with the primary focus on these three areas. The district will also make minor adjustments to existing cameras to maximize coverage.