CCSD21 to upgrade network infrastructure as part of regular refresh cycle

June 2, 2023

Topic: Updates

CCSD21 will, over the summer, upgrade major network infrastructure components as part of a regular refresh cycle. The current network infrastructure was installed in 2017 and is due for replacement, according to Chief Technology Officer Mike Frantini.

The upgrade consists of replacing network switches, Wi-Fi access points and UPS battery backups, all of which are slated to be completed this summer. In order to provide a fast, reliable and secure learning and working environment, these upgrades are critical.

The network components are set to support the modern Wi-Fi 6, which can double network performance and increase power efficiency on all student and staff devices, thereby helping to improve overall learning and productivity. By replacing and upgrading UPS battery backup units, schools will see decreased downtime, along with extended runtime of critical communication components such as phone and internet applications during emergencies or power outages.

With the expansion of the 1:1 Chromebook program and devices in general, expansion of district security systems, increased reliance on video, and the increased reliance on technology and web applications, it is extremely important for infrastructure to be fast, secure, reliable and have the capacity to support district needs now and in the future,” Frantini said.

It is also important to note that this project qualifies for federal E-Rate funding, where CCSD21 is realizing an 85% discount on the total cost of the project, so this is a very cost efficient upgrade and important to take advantage of.