Google Meet for classroom conferencing

April 23, 2020

Topic: Student Learning

The following email was sent to CCSD21 families on April 23, 2020. Please contact your school office if you are not receiving emails from School District 21.

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April 23, 2020

Dear CCSD21 families,

In an effort to provide enhanced continuous learning opportunities to all students, CCSD21 will now provide access to Google Meet as a classroom live video conferencing solution.  This tool will be provided for web-based individual or group instructional and related service activities. We are very excited to get this great tool in use to support student engagement in distance learning!

The decision to move to Google Meet came after Google implemented several recent functionality and security enhancements, as well as full integration into Google Classroom. Google has also been very responsive and is listening to feedback from schools to continually improve their product. Other platforms we were considering and testing were lacking considerably on student and staff security.

The District’s goal is to support all students during this time of distance learning. Meet sessions may be recorded by classroom teachers and posted in Google Classroom to provide future access by students. Only students assigned to that Google Classroom will have access to live or recorded meetings.

Below are two videos CCSD21 has created to help your children get connected to classroom Google Meet Sessions. Additional guidance and norms will be provided by the classroom teacher.

Students: Joining a Meet with Google Classroom
Students: Joining a Meet without Google Classroom

If you have any concerns regarding your child’s participation in these activities, please contact your child’s principal. Thank you for your cooperation and patience in the rollout of this great engagement tool!


Dr. Michael Connolly