Roughly 25% of Holmes' roof to be replaced as part of summer work

May 31, 2023

Topic: Updates

Approximately 25% of the roof at Holmes Middle School will be repaired and replaced during the summer following repeated damage from high-wind and inclement weather incidents, one of many projects scheduled to be completed across the district over these next few months.

The roof membrane of Roof Area 3.0 sustained damage on Feb. 15 due to high winds, the third such incident in just over six years. The affected area roughly covers the portion of the building in which several classrooms reside, along with the administrative office on the first floor.

“In dealing with issues that require repair but also continue on our 10-year plan, the district identified that portion of the roof to be replaced so that it provides proper protection from the elements,” said Micheal DeBartolo, assistant superintendent for finance and operations. The repaired section will also benefit students and staff by creating a safer environment, particularly during the next bout of inclement weather.

“Only due to the fiscal responsibility and proactive funding decisions overseen by the board and administered by the administration can the district continue to work ahead of schedule on these necessary, but sometimes unplanned, projects.”  The district, through a formal bid conducted by its architects ARCON, has hired Knickerbocker Roofing and Paving for the necessary work at a price of $1,091,400.