One Whitman

On November 4, 2022, Whitman Elementary School celebrated their annual “One Whitman” event. Created in 2020 by the Whitman PTO, this event brings Whitman families together to share food, culture, dance, music, singing and other ethnic experiences so that students and parents can learn from each other and learn about different cultures.

With paper passports in hand, students navigated through 25 tables around the school’s multi-purpose room to get their passport punched after visiting each station. Tortillas made from scratch were illustrated. Native dances with accompanying dress were demonstrated. Regional music was played. Provincial songs were sung. Even martial arts were shown as part of the evening. Everyone had a good time.

“Students learned about other cultures in this unique way which helped increase unity and empathy among our community. Additionally, families were excited to build and share their displays. They really took pride when showing off their presentations,” said Whitman Principal Samantha Roth.

Leading up to “One Whitman,” the book One World-One Day by Barbara Kerley was read in each classroom. “The book conveys the same concept as ‘One Whitman’ – we are one global family,” said Mrs.Roth.