Safety & Security: Our Utmost Priority

Safety and security is one of our utmost priorities. Following the successful referendum in 2018 that asked for funding to enhance our schools, the district has taken significant steps:

  • Redesigned main entrances of all schools, implementing a 3-point entry system and bullet resistant glass.
  • Installed internal and external security cameras, including updated entry doorbell/camera/intercom systems. 
  • Created staff ID Cards with Fob Exterior Door Entry System. 
  • Implemented Raptor Visitor Management System. 
  • Retrofit all internal classroom doors to automatically lock, requiring a keyed entry from the hallway. Improved exterior lighting (currently in progress). 
  • Installed and tested panic buttons in key locations. 
  • Introduction of an updated and unified district radio system. 

The district also participates in and completes a multitude of planning and preparedness activities on an ongoing basis. Some of these activities include: 

  • Hosting a district safety committee meeting multiple times per year. 
  • Reviewing and revising an annual safety plan in conjunction with local law enforcement and emergency services. Implemented updated school intruder, active shooter, disaster management, and reunification plan protocols with staff. Implemented student training and practice of plans. 
  • Assistant Superintendent for Support Services and School Safety maintains ongoing and frequent communication with counterparts in the command structure of local law enforcement and emergency services. 
  • Continued practice of frequent school visitation and presence of local law enforcement at all school sites. 
  • Established response time by emergency services of less than 5 minutes with school panic buttons networked to local emergency response.


Be Smart – Secure Storage Resources

  • Access to unsecured firearms contributes to gun violence among children and teens. Read recommendations in English and Spanish from the experts in public safety here.


These comprehensive enhancements are intended to keep students safe before, during and after school, especially while on our campuses.