What’s Going on at Twain? White Cane Day

Alex and Daniela are two first graders who are incredibly funny, value peer relationships, they are independent and work everyday to gain more independence. They work hard and do well in school and that is very important to both of them.

They both attend their home school, which is Twain. They receive vision itinerant services and orientation and mobility services through NSSEO. NSSEO has collaborated with Dr. Shapiro and Ms. Connolly on making sure the school building is accessible, but also how to educate the staff and students at Twain about people with vision impairments which we have done with White Cane Day celebrations, being able to talk at staff meetings and teachers and students asking questions as they come up. The teachers have modeled how to appropriately say hello in the hallway, “Hi Alex, its Ms. White.” so now students are doing it as well. This has created a Twain community that Alex and Daniela are fully a part of.

Daniela and Alex have and have had wonderful teachers, therapists and instructional assistants who take time before school after school during their lunches to meet with me to learn about their specific vision impairments and how to adjust their teaching and how I can adapt materials so their work is accessible.

Both of their families are great supports to Daniela and Alex. We have had lots of communication about what we are doing in school and how to carry that over to their home life. Their parents seek information, tools and resources on best to support them and that has had the biggest impact on their progress. The NSSEO vision department has received a grant from the NSSEO foundation for about the last ten- ish years – for what we call VIP club. Students that are part of the NSSEO vision programs from our member districts meet about one time a month either in the community or at an NSSEO school. We have dinner together and do activities like bowling, go to the movies, Christmas shopping and building haunted houses – activities that are fun, but also great instruction in the expanded core curriculum. During this time, there is a parent group. Daniela and Alex’s parents regularly attend and this gives parents time to talk with each other, ask questions or learn about various topics.

I started working with Alex Daniela and their families when they were in preschool and over the past 4/5 years have witnessed the progression of their skills in relation to school, but also in every day tasks and the amazing people they are and can’t wait to witness all they accomplish.