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CCSD21 is a school district comprised of 13 schools across 6 different communities in the northwest suburbs of Chicago.



School District 21 prides itself on its Professional Learning Community and its rich tradition of professional collaboration, high levels of professional development, and family-like atmosphere. If you see the opportunity to work with colleagues in making a difference in the lives of students and families in a truly diverse setting, School District 21 seeks your application.

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Advanced Learners

Advanced Learners are those students who fall into the categories of high achieving, gifted or talented. The CCSD21 Advanced Learner Committee (previously Gifted & Talented Task Force) is currently reviewing and updating the programming for students.

Overview of Advanced Learner Committee Work

In alignment with the CCSD21 Strategic Plan, the district partnered with Consortium for Educational Change (CEC) to examine and propose recommendations for updating our program offerings for our high achiever, gifted and talented students. Over the course of the 2021-2022 school year, a committee of parents and staff met to develop a 3-5 year plan. The plan is intended to be a high level overview of the committee work thus far. The Advanced Learner Committee also has a more detailed working document laying out the plan that we will continue to revise as we meet. 

2022-2023 Advanced Learner Plan Changes

 For the 2022-2023 school year, based on the recommendations of the committee, the following programming and support will be implemented for 2022-2023 .  

District Wide

  • The position of Instructional Specialist for Advanced Learners was created. A position was posted and filled to support all the buildings in D21. 
  • What was formerly the PSI class will now be shifted to content enrichment or acceleration in language arts (enrichment) and math (acceleration) for 4th and 5th grade. 
  • Creation of an Advanced Language Arts class cluster at the elementary and middle school level.
  • Creation of an Accelerated 5th Grade Math Class
  • Additional professional development opportunities will be provided to staff to support the needs of these students.

High Achiever Programming

The advanced and accelerated programs are designed to provide opportunities for students who have demonstrated that they are prepared for more rigorous coursework that includes additional content, more complex challenges, and a faster pace. Data is carefully reviewed to match students data profile with the program that best suits their needs

Elementary Language Arts and Math

Language Arts Instructional Plan (4th/5th grade):

Advanced Class Cluster:

  •  Students in the class  will be reading at a higher text level and, be provided additional reading and  writing content, The pace of curriculum matches that of core classes. This cluster will be pulled during Guided Reading time. The cluster will meet twice a week for one hour. 

Math Instructional Plan (5th grade)

  • Students in the accelerated math class will complete a compacted 5th grade Everyday Math with instruction targeted to be completed roughly mid-year  Students will then be using a new math curriculum entitled Desmos 6th grade for the remainder of the year. 

Important Elementary Links

Middle School Communications and Math

Middle School Language Arts Courses

Accelerated Pace Higher Text Complexity Additional Reading & Writing Content
Accelerated Language Arts


Advanced Language Arts Class 


Advanced Language Arts Cluster ( small group in core LA class)


  • Accelerated Classes/Cluster: Accelerated pace, higher text level, additional reading & writing content. Depending on the numbers of students eligible, this will be taught either as a separate class or as a small differentiated group in the regular classroom.
  • Advanced Class: Higher text level, additional reading & writing content, pace of curriculum matches that of core classes

Middle School Math Courses

Curricular structure 

    • Single Accelerated Class
    • Double Accelerated Class

Click this link for the course sequence.

Important Middle School  Links


CCSD21 follows Illinois law which specifies that, to enter kindergarten or first grade, children must be five years of age by September 1st of their kindergarten year or six years of age by September 1st of their first grade year. However, CCSD21 has an acceleration policy that addresses exceptions for children whose potential and skills are in the very superior range when compared with their peers. Please view more information here.