Social Studies

1st Grade Social Studies Power Standards

Power Standards (Listed) and Supporting Standards (Italicized) 


  • With guidance and support, explain how individuals that live, learn and work together make important decisions, and the effect that these decisions have on a variety of diverse communities. (SS.1.CV.1)
  • Identify reasons for rules and explain how rules establish responsibilities and roles, and their effect on one’s own and other groups and communities.’ (SS.1.CV.2)


  • Compare how people in different types of communities use local and world-wide environments to meet their daily needs.(SS.1.G.3.)
  • Describe how human activities affect the cultural and environmental characteristics of  places or regions. (SS.1.G.2 )
  • Construct and interpret print and digital maps and other cultural representations of familiar places (SS.1.G.1)


  • Explain and give examples of when choices are made that something else is given up. (SS.EC.1.1)
  • Describe the skills and knowledge required to produce certain goods and services. (SS EC 2.1)
  • Explain how people are compensated for work. (SS EC 3.1)

Social Studies Inquiry Standards

  • Generate important questions to address local, regional, state, national, and global problems.
  • Create action steps to find answers to questions.
  • Evaluate and use credible sources that represent multiple points of view. 
  • Develop claims, formulate explanations,  and construct arguments using relevant evidence and data from multiple sources to answer important questions.
  • Share findings with authentic audiences using a variety of technologies to enhance the message.
  • Reflect on one’s inquiry process and findings to take informed action.