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Social Studies

7th Grade Social Studies Scope and Sequence

In 7th grade, the 5 units in social studies are guided overarching questions that support the standards and content listed below.

Unit: How does creating a budget make an individual financially responsible?


Financial Literacy

  • SS.EC.FL1.6-8:MdC: Identify how people choose to buy goods and services while still maintaining a budget based on income, taxes, savings, and fixed and variable interest rates.

Supporting Questions and Essential Understandings

    • How can a budget be used to achieve financial goals as well as manage spending? 
    • What are the steps in planning a budget? 
    • What is the difference between gross and net pay?
    • What are the differences between fixed, variable, and occasional expenses?

    Students will be able to… 

    • Explain how income and savings relate to budget.
    • Create a basic budget
    • Explain how a budget affects choices individuals make in the market
    • Understand how a budget is created and how it can support good financial decision making

Unit: How does the ability of societies to provide for the needs and wants of people depend on availability, management, distribution, and consumption of resources?


Economic Decision Making

  • SS.EC.1.6-8.MdC: Explain how external benefits and costs influence choices

Exchange and Markets

  • SS.EC.2.6-8.MC: Explain how changes in supply and demand cause changes in prices and quantities of goods and services, labor, credit, and foreign currencies

The National and Global Economy

  • SS.EC.3.6-8.LC: Explain why standards of living increase as productivity improves.

Supporting Questions and Essential Understandings

  • How does the economy of one country affect the economy of another?
  • What are the effects of choice and competition on consumers, producers and the economy as a whole?
  • What are the effects of various incentives to produce a good or service?
  • What is the relationship between the cost of a product to the consumer versus the cost of the product to the producer?
  • How are natural resources used throughout the world?

Students will be able to… 

  • Describe the factors of production that lead to the creation of goods & services
  • Explain how supply and demand impact economic decisions
  • Explain how scarcity affects economic choices/decisions
  • Explain  how consumers drive the market
  • Describe how profit, productivity & wage, affect choices producers make

Unit: How are economic and political systems interdependent?


Civics & Political Institutions

  • SS.CV.1.6-8.MdC: Describe the roles of political, civil, and economic organizations in shaping people’s lives
  • SS.CV.2.6-8.MdC – Explain the origins, functions, and structure of government with reference to the U.S. Constitution, Illinois Constitution, and other systems of government.

Supporting Questions and Essential Understandings

  • How does change within a system cause conflict?
  • How does the economy of one country affect the economy of another?
  • How do laws and government policies influence the function of an economy?
  • How does a country’s governmental system directly impact their economic system?

Students will be able to… 

  • Explain the different types of economic systems
  • Explain how a country’s government affects its citizens
  • Explain the roles and responsibilities of citizens/leaders in the different government/economic systems.

Unit: How have historical events affected trade over the years?


Change, Continuity, and Context

  • SS.H.1.6-8.MdC: Analyze connections among events and developments in broader historical contexts


  • SS.H.2.6-8.MdC: Analyze multiple factors that influenced the perspectives of people during different historical eras


  • SS.H.3.6-8MdC: Detect possible limitations in the historical record based on evidence collected from different kinds of historical sources.

Financial Literacy

  • SS.EC.FL2.6-8.MdC: Explain the correlation between investors, investment options (and associated risks), and income/wealth.

Supporting Questions and Essential Understandings

  • How does unemployment affect the economy of a nation?
  • How does specialization and advanced technology influence trade?
  • How does trade impact an economy?
  • What are the effects of increasing and declining imports and exports to an individual and the nation’s economy as a whole?

Students will be able to… 

  •  Explain how global trade impacts an economy
  • Explain the different barriers to trade
  • Describe the different perspectives surrounding child labor
  • Describe the causes and effects of the Industrial Revolution and the Great Depression
  • To explain how the impact of inventions in society led to child labor and the creation of labor unions

Unit: How do the experiences of immigrants in various periods of United States history compare to those of immigrants today?


History Standards 


  • SS.H.2.6-8.LC: Explain how and why perspectives of people have changed over time.
  • SS.H.3.6-8MdC: Detect possible limitations in the historical record based on evidence collected from different kinds of historical sources.

Geography Standards

Human Population: Spatial Patterns and Movements

  • SS.G3.6-8.MdC: Explain how changes in transportation and communication influence the spatial connections among human settlements and affect the spread of ideas and culture.

Global Interconnections: Changing Spatial Patterns

  • SS.G.4.6-8.MdC: Explain how global changes in population distribution patterns affect changes in land use.

Supporting Questions and Essential Understandings

  • How has the movement of people impacted society?
  • How is human activity affected by geographic factors and how are geographic factors affected by human activity?
  • How have geographic factors influenced settlement patterns?
  • How did America fulfill the dreams of immigrants?
  • How has immigration influenced the laws we have in the United States today?
  • What were (are) the economic, social, and political effects of immigration on the United States?
  • What were the different perspectives people held about immigration?

Students will be able to… 

  • To explain the difference between immigration, migration, and emigration
  • To explain the reasons people leave their countries and the challenges they face (on their journey as well as in their new country/location)
  • Describe the causes and consequences of mass migrations of people
  • Explain current immigration issues and the impact on society