Social Studies

Kindergarten Social Studies Power Standards

Power Standards (Listed) and  Supporting Standards (Italicized) 


  • With guidance and support, identify the roles of individuals and leaders and their responsibility to meet the needs of different people and communities. (SS.CV.1.K) (Leadership) (Tri 1)
  • With guidance and support, identify reasons for rules and explain how rules establish responsibilities and roles for various settings. (SS.K.CV.2) (Rules) (Tri 1)


  • With guidance and support, explain how weather, climate and other environmental factors affect people’s lives and cultural identities in our region. (SS.K.G.1) (Weather) (Tri 2 & 3)
  • With guidance and support, explain how people and goods move from place to place. (SS.K.G.2) (Transportation) (Tri 3)
    • With guidance and support, identify characteristics of print and digital maps, graphs, and other cultural representations of familiar places. (SS.K.G.3)


  •  Explain that choices are made because of scarcity (i.e., because individuals cannot have everything that they want). (SS.K.EC.1)


  • With guidance and support, compare life in the past to life today, including the points of view of diverse groups of people. (SS.K.H.1)(Tri 1 & 2)
  • Identify and describe the purpose of the national holidays of the United States, the major holidays of diverse groups, and the bravery or achievements of the diverse people that make these days special holidays (SS.K.H.2.)

Social Studies Inquiry Standards

  • Generate important questions to address local, regional, state, national, and global problems.
  • Create action steps to find answers to questions.
  • Evaluate and use credible sources that represent multiple points of view. 
  • Develop claims, formulate explanations,  and construct arguments using relevant evidence and data from multiple sources to answer important questions.
  • Share findings with authentic audiences using a variety of technologies to enhance the message.
  • Reflect on one’s inquiry process and findings to take informed action.