Social Studies

6th Grade Social Studies Scope and Sequence

PowerStandards (Bolded) and Supporting Standards (Italicized) 


SS.G.1.6-8.MdC: Use mapping and graphing to represent and analyze spatial patterns of different environmental and cultural characteristics.

SS.G2.6-8.MdC: Compare and contrast the cultural and environmental characteristics of different places or regions.

SS.G.3.6-8.LC: Explain how environmental characteristics impact human migration and settlement.

SS.G.4.6-8.LC: Identify how cultural and environmental characteristics vary among regions of the world.


SS.H.1.6-8.LC: Classify series of historical events and developments as examples of change and/or continuity.

SS.H.2.6-8.LC: Explain how and why perspectives of people have changed over time

SS.H.3.6-8.MdC: Detect possible limitations in the historical record based on evidence collected from different kinds of historical sources.

SS.H.4.6-8.LC: Explain multiple causes and effects of historical events

SS.H.3.6-8.LC: Classify the kinds of historical sources used in secondary interpretation. 


SS.EC.1.6-8.LC: Explain how economic decisions affect the wellbeing of individuals, businesses, and society.

SS.EC.2.6-8.LC: Analyze the role of innovation and entrepreneurship in a market economy.


SS.CV.3.6-8.LC, MdC, MC: Compare the means by which individuals and groups change societies, promote the common good, and protect rights.

SS.CV.6.6-8.LC: Determine whether specific rules and laws (both actual and proposed) resolve the problems they were meant to address.