Parent Portal – Middle School Learner Qualities

In addition to the content area grades, students in District 21 middle schools also receive grades in the four Learner Qualities, which are:

  • Self-Directed Learner
  • Collaborative Worker
  • Quality Producer
  • Respectful Citizen

Learner Quality grades are entered on a separate grade scale from academic grades. The Learner Quality scale is:


  • Consistently demonstrates understanding of the Learner Quality
  • Meeting grade-level expectations independently or with occasional support


  • Demonstrates understanding of the Learner Quality
  • Progressing toward meeting grade-level expectations with frequent support


  • Developing understanding of the Learner Quality
  • Consistently requiring support to meet grade-level expectations

When examining Learner Quality performance, parents should not expect to see traditional point values and/or percentages since the Learner Qualities use an entirely different scale, which is defined by the descriptors listed above.